TL LONGBOW: Electronic Wall Charts

TL LONGBOW Wall Plot: Click for Larger Image

One-Click Wall Charts
Generate default or custom Plan and VS charts with one click. Formatting tools allow the planner to quickly hide or show curves, cylinders, and targets, as well as re-format the chart colors, fonts, and linestyles.

Interactive Graphics Measuring Tools
Wall Charts support scroll-over angle and distance measurements, as well as one-click projections to simplify planning operations.

Scaled Plots and Custom Layouts
Plots are scaled -- squared -- and include resize adjusts. Any plot layout is supported.

Click-n-Drag Layout
Layout supports click-n-drag design of your plots, headings, plans, and logos. Relocate and resize your wall plots using an intuitive interface.

Print Any Sized Plot
Print to any plot scale, including large-scale plotters.

Save and Recall Wall Plots
Wall plots are saved electronically, and are a full electronic representation of the well plan, viewable and useable to anyone with a licensed copy of Microsoft Excel.

ISCWSA Anti-Collision Modelling
Generate spider, cylinder, and ladder plots, with customized scaling and colors. Run custom scans on any number of wells, and view a multi-axis ladder plot that shows both Separation Factor and Least Distance (Center-to-Center) on the same chart.

Populated Field Work, Spider Plots
Generate Spider Plots with one-click.

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