TL LONGBOW: Torque & Drag Modelling

Torque & Drag Screenshot

Torque and Drag Analysis
Analyze Torque and Drag characteristics of your well plan, including horizontal buckling, based on models as defined by Aadnoy and Anderson, in our references section.

Completely Define Each Section
TL LONGBOW is designed to support any combination of downhole components. Input includes Modulus, ID/OD, and unit weight for every leg of your plan. T&D is fully linked to the directional plan.

Pipe Stretch Calculations
Calculate pipe stretch for your sections using a built-in stretch calculator.

Integrated with Well Plan Surveys
Import your planned wells for T&D analysis with just one click.

Supports English and Metric Units
TL LONGBOW T&D supports both English (lb, ft) and Metric (m, N) units for T&D calculations.

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