TL LONGBOW: Development References

This list is by no means comprehensive, nor is it intended to be complete. These are simply the most-valued and critical resources used during the development of our software.

Educational Resources
o Eric W. Trant, BS Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
o Texas A&M University, education and reference resource (not a business partner)
o University of Texas, Austin, education and reference resource (not a business partner)

General, Planning, and Survey Calculations
o Lyons, Plisga, Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
o Sawaryn, Thorogood, A Compendium of Directional Drilling Calculations Based on the Minimum Curvature Method

Anti-Collision and Wellbore Surveying Accuracy
o Eric W. Trant, Owner Trant Logistics, LLC, Proprietary Proximity and Planning Algorithms
o ISCWSA: The Industry Steering Committee on Wellbore Survey Accuracy (Ellipsoid of Uncertainty, MWD/Gryo Error Models)
o Wolff, De Ward, Borehole Position Uncertainty -- Analysis of Measuring Methods and Derivation of Systematic Error Model
o SPE 67616, Williamson, Accuracy Prediction for Directional Measurement While Drilling
o SPE 90408, Torkildsen et al, Prediction of Wellbore Position Accuracy When Surveyed With Gyroscopic Tools
o SPE 36863, Brooks, Wilson, et al, An Improved Method for Computing Wellbore Position Uncertainty and its Application to Collision and Target Intersection Probability Analysis
o SPE 92554, McNair, Lance, et al, Implementation of a New Risk Based Well Collision Method
o SPE 101719, Poedjono et al, Well Collision Risk in Congested Environments
o SPE 108279, Poedjono et al, Minimizing the Risk of Well Collisions in Land and Offshore Drilling
o SPE 121040, Poedjono et al, Anti-Collision Risk Management for Well Placement
o SPE 116155, Brooks, A New Look at Wellbore Collision Probability
o Lhuiller, Perriollat, Uncertainty Ellipsoid Calculations for Complex 3D Reconstructions

Torque and Drag
o Aadnoy, Anderson, Design of Oil Wells Using Analytical Friction Models
o SPE 114684, Aadnoy, Theory and Application of a New Generalized Model for Torque and Drag
o SPE 97079, Rezvani, Techentein, Torque and Drag Modelling for Horizontal Open Hole Completions

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