TL LONGBOW: Directional Drilling Daily Reports

Jobsite Setup

Enter Surveys, Project, Interpolate
TL LONGBOW includes every tool the DD needs to enter surveys, perform interpolations or projections, check proximity, and re-design a plan as needed on the rig, including accurate 3D calculations.

Daily Job Reports
The DD will have all the job-site reports needed to document the job: Daily, BHA, Slide, Motor, and MWD Reports. Reports are fully automated and cross-referenced to eliminate redundant entries.

BHA Database
Save and recall BHA components using drop-down menus. Portable between job and computer, without the need to install additional ODBC database software on every company computer.

IADC Dull Bit Grading
Use IADC Dull Bit Grading to rate your bits following each job. Drop-down lists allow quick and consistent grades.

Daily Reporting: Click for Larger Image

End-Job Reports
End-Job reports include BHA summary (Slide/Rotate hrs and feet/meters), and a full PDF file of all your surveys, offset wells, Daily costs and Daily activities, BHA, Slide, and MWD reports.

Hydraulics Analysis
Estimate Hydraulics for most jobs.

Define and track multiple daily charges, using a customized cost lookup reference.

Do you need directional well planning services? Call us at 214.250.6854, US Central. TL Longbow is in use in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Australia. TL Longbow includes everything you need to plan, drill, and document your directional wells.

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