TL LONGBOW: ACCURACY is Our #1 Priority

Trant Logistics, LLC, prides itself on providing the most-accurate algorithms available to the Directional Well Planning industry today. All our algorithms are updated to today's best-known practices, and include proprietary proximity and planning algorithms that match and out-perform major competitors worldwide.

We welcome the opportunity to benchmark our planning, proximity, and interpolation calculations against any software package on the market!

Ellipsoid of Uncertainty and Proximity

TL LONGBOW EOU and CtC (Center-to-Center) Proximity calculations are benchmarked against the ISCWSA recommended wells for MWD and GYRO error modelling. EOU modelling comparison between two software packages is nearly impossible, given the huge number of variant components that must be entered for modelling, not to mention the widely-varied methods for calculating the Separation Factor. TL LONGBOW employs the most-conservative method, and uses Maximum Radius Ellipsoid modelling.

Here is an example of TL LONGBOW's error modelling as compared to the ISCWSA standard well #7:


For CtC Proximity benchmarks, please provide the surveys and surface offset for two wells and the scan increment, and we will provide the CtC Proximity results for comparison.

2D (Build) and 3D (Build + Turn) Well Planning
Putting it all together, TL LONGBOW Directional Well Planning is field-tested and meets or exceeds competitor performance worldwide.

Users may run their own benchmark using our example 2D and 3D S-wells:


Do you need directional well planning services? Call us at 214.250.6854, US Central. TL Longbow is in use in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Australia. TL Longbow includes everything you need to plan, drill, and document your directional wells.

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