TL LONGBOW: Well Planning and Directional Drilling Software

With the specific needs of the Oil and Gas industry in mind, the TL LONGBOW program was created, refined and brought to market as a comprehensive, accurate and reliable program that has changed what has come to be expected of an independent single platform software solution.

Trant Logistics, LLC, is an independent and privately held company that continues to search for more efficient, stable, and accurate software solutions in the Oil and Gas industry to meet the needs of an ever-changing climate. We work tirelessly to keep our program stable and without conflict on all standard computer operating systems, including all versions of MS Windows up to and including MS Windows 7 64-bit.

We stand behind our accuracy and welcome the opportunity to exceed the expectations of companies worldwide with what we believe to be the industry's finest single software solution on the market today.

Do you need directional well planning services? Call us at 214.250.6854, US Central. TL Longbow is in use in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Australia. TL Longbow includes everything you need to plan, drill, and document your directional wells.

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