TL LONGBOW: 3D Proximity Well Scanning

Spider Plots

Up-to-date ISCWSA Anti-Collision Modelling
TL LONGBOW uses the latest ISCWSA ( anti-collision models, and the latest 2D and 3D interpolation algorithms in the industry.

3D Accuracy
Anti-collision is benchmarked on both 2D and 3D cases, and ellipsoids use updated ISCWSA ( anti-collision models, including gyro.

User and Planner Alerts
Set up alerts for the rig-site based on either Least Distance or minimum Separation Factor. Alerts will check every station, as well as projetions, real-time as surveys are input.

Ellipsoid, Least-Distance, and Travelling Cylinder
All three common proximity models are supported. EOU (Ellipsoid of Uncertainty) uses latest ISCWSA models, and Least-Distance and Travelling Cylinder are mathematically accurate to well scans of six decimal places.

Populated Field Work, Spider, Cylinder, Ladder Plots
Generate spider, cylinder, and ladder plots, with customized scaling and colors. Run custom scans on any number of wells, and view Ellipsoid radius right on the CtC Least Distance Chart.

Ladder and SF Plots

No-Go line based on SF

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