TL LONGBOW: A Total Software Solution for Directional Well Planning in the O&G Industry

Like nothing else in the O&G industry

Embedded entirely in ultra-portable MS Excel, TL Longbow Prime eliminates the need for multiple software packages in the office and the field. One job file combines everything the Operating and Directional companies require for planning, charting, surveying, drilling, billing, and documenting a directional well.

Global Presence
TL Longbow Prime is in use across the globe by both Operators and on-site Directional Companies. Users include office managers, well planners, directional drillers, geologists, and MWD/LWD specialists.

Users often recommend us to their clients, and we enjoy a great deal of repeat business from our customers.

Call us today for a quote, or if you need immediate well plans, we can generate the wall plots to any scale, for any number of wells, any format, using TL Longbow Prime.

Do you need directional well planning services? Call us at 214.250.6854, US Central. TL Longbow is in use in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Australia. TL Longbow includes everything you need to plan, drill, and document your directional wells.

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